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Dont get it for ANYTHING

Dont get this for ANYTHING it will ask for password and then it will invalid you and plus even you are having a bad day

Learning social

Me and my class do edmodo. Its a great way to talk and to do assignments. I love this app!!!

Great application

I use this app to store my school files. Useful and easy to use. One problem is sometime it takes a while to load my packback while using web browser. Please fix this problem.

What is going on

I have had edmodo for some time but it wont let me log in and says my information is invalid

Great app! But constantly crashes

This is a great app. Though it crashes a lot, especially on iPads. I have had to constantly delete the app and re download it. It is super annoying!!! Please fix this bug ASAP!!!

Pretty good, just one thing.

My school uses Edmodo every day, to keep track of homework and taking assessments. The only thing I have problems with when using this app on my iPad is when I am in landscape mode, some of the screen on the app is not shown, and there is no way to scroll over to it or anything. Other then that, it works really good! Thanks! 7th Grader Middle School student

Little use

Receiving emails saves space of a read only app...

Your mom

That app wont even open

Good but very very glitchy

I thought Edmodo would be great for my classroom communication as told by fellow teachers. However, I find that it is very glitchy on both the desktop website and in the app. Whenever I try to open student documents, it freezes or closes out. When I have to grade submissions, I have to click the "grade submissions" button THREE TIMES in order to input a grade. It also takes a while to refresh. The app is sometimes useful for quick checks, but I cannot do any work on it because it always acts up. I have to use the website version on my actual computer to make any changes and even then there are issues, especially when the website, as well as the app, crashes.

fix this pls

i dont know if its just me, but the due dates on the assignments on the mobile app are off, as well as the date the post was made. when i go onto the website, the due dates are fine, but on mobile, the dates always change to one day before its actually due, or itll say "(null)". other than that, this app is fine.

Bad idea

Just not a goof idea please dont download this trash

Whats 9+10? 21

Why did your annoying "educational" chubbachub not a game yet a game to be evilz become a thing? Why you BE SO CHUB. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU MADE ME WRITE 22 replies not TWENTY ONEEEEEEEE! The thing spazzed out and life is sad.


my school told me I HAD to use edmodo and Im so glad because it helps me ask teachers questions easily out of the classroom and give them work in easy to look at and obtain documents. also I love using the library!!!

Good Concept Horribly Exicuted



Super accessible, easy to manage and best way to get information about kids classes, homework!!


edmodo for the win!

Good idea, but

Its a very good idea for an app like this. But there some flaws. First the UI is buggy, slow and just not good enough. Secondly there are no notifications. Even though the app says that I need to turn on notifications for the app, in Settings-> Edmodo there is no option to turn them on. Without this the app is practically inusable.


Thank you for helping me to communicate everything I need to know from my home to school. Now I dont need Instagram or Facebook now thanks too you!!(accomplishment) Thanks so much!!

No longer compatible

This app will no longer open with NEW iOS update. Please fix. I love using this app to grade my students work while at the gym.

Its pretty good

I use Edmodo for school. So I have no choice but to use it. I think its a nice app. You can communicate with your teachers easily. And theres a lot of neat features on this app. Just check it out its pretty cool. Not only is there an app, but also a website. And sometimes the website is kinda ugh. So try to stick with the app mostly.

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