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Atende as expectativas.


Its lit

Needs some fixes

It’s great but it glitches too often. Also, I would like to customize my group code.


Remind us so much easier to use and is much simpler easier sharing too


The app just won’t work, keeps saying “error, data is not in the correct format”




برنامج جميل ومخزن رائع للاعمال كل فصل دراسي

Mr. Ed

I have been using the program for over a year now. I love it for collecting writing assignments and providing feedback to my students. I also love the fact that the parents can see the assignments that their complete.


The app keeps crashing. I have to open the app multiple times to be able to use it properly. Please fix!

Quiz error

Whenever the students take the quiz through this app, they get an error. Please fix.


Wish I could do more than I Photo at a time

File Sharing Issues

PDF files do not work when trying to share them from another app to Edmodo. It just stays on the loading screen. When using images or others it’s works fine, but it is PDFs where the problem occurs.


GREAT 1(248)9319122

Bug that keeps freezing the screen.

I am a student that uses Edmodo on a daily basis and it is frustrating for me to keep trying to get the app to not freeze. I eventually go to the website on safari. Please fix this bug.


I use edmodo and it was fine until just 2 or 3 days ago. All of a sudden it will load slowly or just not at all and will crash. It also does this when I try to refresh the app. It also tends to freeze and it usually crashes when it freezes. Would you please fix this because I need access to my teachers on edmodo.

Uploading pics

Cannot upload multiple pics through the app. VERY tedious when trying to post classroom pictures. 😢

Too many bugs

I love the app. Edmodo is a really good app, but it has so many bugs. It won't notify me of any of my teachers assignments or post. And as of now it's not even letting me load the home page. It's just stays on the blue screen. Please fix this.

Keeps freezing and crashing

Fix it!! It’s been like this for months!!!!

Edmodo App Great For Teachers

Edmodo made epic changes to their app, and it shows! As a teacher I can easily grade homework anywhere...even while waiting for a show!! Kudos!

Don’t love

Not user friendly at all from a smart phone

Needs to be De-Bugged

I’m a student and i have the app because my teacher’s post assignments on it, submitting has never been more difficult, error 500 pops up like crazy, please fix

No file sharing and crashes

After the latest updates you can no longer share files from other apps and there are constant crashes.


Not easy to use


Can’t send assignments without having to go to my computer. Edmodo, please, erase this mess. It’s such a hassle to navigate through it, so uncomfortable and the design is horrible.

not working like it used to

It worked fine in my device at first but over time the app wouldn’t let me turn in assignments. It would say error or it would load for a long time. The app glitches when I scroll and freezes.


Edmodo clearly is a great utility for me as a student. However, I have both my notifications on and push notifications on and edmodo does not notify me when I have an assignment. This could be due to IOS 11. I would deeply appreciate it if you guys were to fix it.


Videos make the app crash every now and then.

Very Handy

Edmodo is a very useful app for school, I wouldn’t use it for social media unless u want to share with the people on ur group. But it is very handy to have for classes.

Super annoying!!!

I tried to open it on my phone or safari because my homework was due soon and it forced me to download the app and when I did it wouldn't even allow me to log in so it was extremely frustrating. Then I actually got in and the app had so many bugs it wasn't even worth downloading

Edmodo app

I hope this review encourages edmodo.com to keep on working on this app. The app has a lot of potential but it needs lots of work. Maybe is not a lot of work since it is only one issue that causes lots of problems. When grading assignments students records show up multiple times. You can't tell which record is the valid one so you could be grading a record that doesn't exist. Therefore the grade you enter doesn't get updated. Lots of work gets lost.

Very convenient but many bugs

It doesn't keep me logged in and often crashes when I'm trying to get in. However it is indispensable for keeping track of classroom activities.


I love it it's so cool

A bit laggy

Great app, lag issues!!

Typing a question or topic

I get kicked out of the app every time i try to ask a question or put a new topic up, plz fix. Otherwise its pretty good.

The stream is back!

Thanks Edmodo for listening to our feedback! *Quick note: Assignments do not show up in the stream. Could you include them in the stream?

Drains battery

After I upgraded to iOS 11, this app is draining the battery fast. There is no way to turn of its background refresh. Please fix it. Thanks

Really Good!!

I love this app but I can't get notifications for my assignments so I have to constantly check the app, but either way I still love it!!

Edmodo APP

Works well so far so I can check in on my classes via my iPhone 6s #GotSTEM

If I could rate zero stars I would

“This operation cannot be completed” for every thing this pops up

Hard to use

I cant stand that my school uses this app. It is confusing and hard to set up. I have not come across anyone who has liked Edmodo.


I really like the website in the computer. The app on the phone, though needs some improvements. My teacher lets me check my percentage in my grades which the mobile app lacks. I don’t want to say anything else.


Helped me and my class work together

No way to view students grades on the iPad

Trying to be students progress on the iPad is impossible. It tells you to log onto the website to view the grades. What is the point of having an app if I have to log into the website?

Works like Facebook

I had to download and use it for my credential program. I haven't had any issues with it. It works similarly to Facebook.

Game changer.

That's right!




Great wAy to communicate with teacher


I love this, so easy to use


It's perfect for my classroom.

Love it

I love seeing pictures of my kid at school and having the ability to message the teacher directly!

App is not user friendly

I am a fan of the website as it is easier to use and navigate. I just got the app and have difficulty knowing when a student has commented. I have to go to the website to approve any notifications so that then I can see it on the app. I am also confused on how to edit an assignment after it is posted. I have one student who appears on my class list 3 times and she's only registered once. It needs work and hoping it will change.

This is ok

I've had some issues with it but it's fine its nice for it to be an app unlike other sites like study island and iCloud

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