Edmodo : Classroom Tools App recensioner


Atende as expectativas.


Its lit

Classes won’t show up

A few days ago it’s was fine but now only one class shows up


How do you get a teacher back if you just withdrawal it. And what does withdrawal mean


It’s for school? What else? Also, I will never be able to find emails I personally want to look at ever again! Getting a 100 emails per 4 hours? Easy!

The best education platform

I have started using this app last week. Now I can manage my online classes over 200 students easily.

Push Notifications just don’t work

I’ve used this app on many devices for 5 years and the push notifications never seem to work. They did for a little while last year, but no more. My students send me messages that I never see unless I actually open the app. I (only sometimes) get SMS messages because I entered my phone number into the Edmodo website, but the app’s push notifications are completely unreliable. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app many times on different iPhones and iPads and made sure all notifications settings in the phone and in the app or “on”. It just doesn’t work.

Very bad app

I am forced to used this app since it’s required by teachers. I don’t get notifications anymore. All of the email notifications are sent to the spam of my email. I had to sign up for text message notifications myself. On the app, it doesn’t tell me when my teacher posted. It just says “10 seconds ago.” Which isn’t accurate. It also doesn’t tell me what date the work is due. The notifications panel in the app doesn’t show the grades I get. Sometimes when I click one class, it clicks another class. I have an iPhone 8, so I know it’s not my phone lagging or bugging out. All in all, this is a very trash app that needs a lot of fixing.

Review From A Student

I personally use Edmodo as an 8th grade student quite often whether at school to get an online assignment, or at home just trying to catch up on homework whie sick, I think it is great. I do however think it has some room to improve. My main concern is that is can be a little confusing at times with some things like a classes Edmodo callender being hard to find. But, overall it is a great so, off of the great idea to put school communication where the students are looking.

Good , but…

It is a good app. But it won’t let click on other people’s profiles on the Mobile like my teachers. It says error.

Edmodo: the “Teacher Aide”

Edmodo is one of the best “teacher’s aide”, a classroom teacher can have.


Edmodo ha sido una herramienta extraordinaria para mí y para los estudiantes.

Limited functionality

I have been using Edmodo with my students for five years. The website is great, the app is not. We log into the website on our tablets instead of using the app because the app is very limited. Students cannot edit work or turn in assignments with be app. Student can’t take quizzes with the app. Also, the app is just not as user friendly as the website.

Many bugs

I use this almost daily, but now the messages won’t repopulate. After I answer a students message it still shows as if I never answered. It also shows my message as bold as if it was from the student. Very disappointing now. Also. When I send a message how can I “send” to all my groups, like I can do when I use the computer?


I check messages, but it still has them marked as unread & no matter what, I can’t get them to mark read. Sometimes I don’t even get notifications either. Hoping there will be an update soon that will actually fix these things.

barely works



Excelente plataforma para poder comunicarnos y transmitir el conocimiento



How it is adjustable

It is noble and you can take it anywhere

Needs to be fixed as fast as possible

Edmodo is good and all but the proplem is I deleted edmodo when we had vacation to have more space on my iPad and now I probably re downloaded edmodo 10 times and it does not work and I missed a lot of stuff that day so please fix the app so I can use it Thank you for your time to read this message

From a student' s perspective.

Mostly good, and I can contact my teacher if anything is wrong or confusing on the homework, but there are some problems. Sometimes when I'm trying to do something on this app, it kicks me off randomly for no reason. It also doesn't load the video or attachments, so that I can be frustrating. And whenever I try to look at my classmates picture or stuff on the little 🚹 like sign, it always says error, and then pulls up some teacher's info. He's not even a person at my school! Please try to fix these problems.

Different pictures

When I post something on my iPad, my little picture is a coyote. When I post a picture on my laptop, the picture is my dog, Oscar. I really do not know what my real picture is.

Works great for our homeschool co-op!

This has been a lifesaver for our co-op. Teachers use it to post for their classes. It works great!

Honest Critique to the Creators

The edmodo app is a great way to communicate in the classroom and for students to be caught up to new material when they are absent. However, my main issue with the app is: A planner/calendar. Before the update, students could easily access the "planner" function, which is currently missing from the app, on the assignments tab. It is inefficient and time consuming for students to have to access the actual website (by re-logging in) everytime they wish to access the calendar. Some of my teachers post frequently on the calendar, but because for some reason, they are not listed as an "assignment," and therefore do not show up unless I check the actual website. The app also takes a long time to load (but it could just be my slow wifi) and crashes frequently.

Easy Communication

This is a fantastic resource for the classroom. Much like blackboard for college students, Edmodo allows easy communication between teachers and students. In the day and age of technology and social media, this a brilliant site/app! It allows my students to know what they made need for future classes, contact me after school regarding assignments, ability to access notes or PowerPoints and so on! It’s fantastic!

Works well, but there are a few issues.

On the app, there isn’t any access to the student planner not the calendar, the colors of the different classes can’t be changed, and PowerPoints displayed have the text cut off at the sides, and the images’ and texts’ placements are off. This causes text to overlap over itself and the images. These issues don’t exist on the website.

App on iPhone

I have to keep reinstalling the app over and over. This makes it difficult to keep up with communication from students.

Not easy to navigate

I do find it easy enough to categorize my classes.

The worst

Crashes every 5 seconds, is slow, and pauses videos for no reason

Needs some fixes

It’s great but it glitches too often. Also, I would like to customize my group code.


Remind us so much easier to use and is much simpler easier sharing too


The app just won’t work, keeps saying “error, data is not in the correct format”




برنامج جميل ومخزن رائع للاعمال كل فصل دراسي

Mr. Ed

I have been using the program for over a year now. I love it for collecting writing assignments and providing feedback to my students. I also love the fact that the parents can see the assignments that their complete.


The app keeps crashing. I have to open the app multiple times to be able to use it properly. Please fix!

Quiz error

Whenever the students take the quiz through this app, they get an error. Please fix.


Wish I could do more than I Photo at a time

File Sharing Issues

PDF files do not work when trying to share them from another app to Edmodo. It just stays on the loading screen. When using images or others it’s works fine, but it is PDFs where the problem occurs.


GREAT 1(248)9319122

Bug that keeps freezing the screen.

I am a student that uses Edmodo on a daily basis and it is frustrating for me to keep trying to get the app to not freeze. I eventually go to the website on safari. Please fix this bug.


I use edmodo and it was fine until just 2 or 3 days ago. All of a sudden it will load slowly or just not at all and will crash. It also does this when I try to refresh the app. It also tends to freeze and it usually crashes when it freezes. Would you please fix this because I need access to my teachers on edmodo.

Uploading pics

Cannot upload multiple pics through the app. VERY tedious when trying to post classroom pictures. 😢

Too many bugs

I love the app. Edmodo is a really good app, but it has so many bugs. It won't notify me of any of my teachers assignments or post. And as of now it's not even letting me load the home page. It's just stays on the blue screen. Please fix this.

Keeps freezing and crashing

Fix it!! It’s been like this for months!!!!

Edmodo App Great For Teachers

Edmodo made epic changes to their app, and it shows! As a teacher I can easily grade homework anywhere...even while waiting for a show!! Kudos!

Don’t love

Not user friendly at all from a smart phone

Needs to be De-Bugged

I’m a student and i have the app because my teacher’s post assignments on it, submitting has never been more difficult, error 500 pops up like crazy, please fix


Not easy to use


Can’t send assignments without having to go to my computer. Edmodo, please, erase this mess. It’s such a hassle to navigate through it, so uncomfortable and the design is horrible.

not working like it used to

It worked fine in my device at first but over time the app wouldn’t let me turn in assignments. It would say error or it would load for a long time. The app glitches when I scroll and freezes.


Edmodo clearly is a great utility for me as a student. However, I have both my notifications on and push notifications on and edmodo does not notify me when I have an assignment. This could be due to IOS 11. I would deeply appreciate it if you guys were to fix it.

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