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Using the iWork Apps with Edmodo on iPad

Edmodo iPad App - Google Doc Assignment Submission

How to turn-in Google doc assignments using the iPad app for Edmodo.

Record Audio from iPad; Post mp3 to Edmodo, Google Drive, etc.

This video showcases how the app Voice Record Pro (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/voice-record-pro/id546983235?mt=8) allows students to record ...

Edmodo Shared Access to Folders on Ipad App

Edmodo Review

A review of the Edmodo tool for EDU6054.

Exporting Pages on the iPad to Edmodo using iCab Mobile

Simple way for students and teachers to use the iCab Mobile app to get a Pages document into Edmodo using just the iPad. Thanks to Slide2Learn team ...

Edmodo for iPad

how to begin using Edmodo.

Here's How to use Edmodo in the Classroom

For the interactive version visit http://touchcast.com/math0matic/heres_how_to_use_edmodo_in_the_classroom Created with http://TouchCast.com Download ...

Using Edmodo for Daily Grammar Review

A first screencast made for demonstrating how I use the Quiz feature of Edmodo for daily grammar review and diagramming in my grade 8 ELA classroom.

Edmodo video review: EDUC7005

A review of the main features of Edmodo.

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