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Little use

Receiving emails saves space of a read only app...

Pretty good, just one thing.

My school uses Edmodo every day, to keep track of homework and taking assessments. The only thing I have problems with when using this app on my iPad is when I am in landscape mode, some of the screen on the app is not shown, and there is no way to scroll over to it or anything. Other then that, it works really good! Thanks! 7th Grader Middle School student

Great app! But constantly crashes

This is a great app. Though it crashes a lot, especially on iPads. I have had to constantly delete the app and re download it. It is super annoying!!! Please fix this bug ASAP!!!

What is going on

I have had edmodo for some time but it wont let me log in and says my information is invalid

Great application

I use this app to store my school files. Useful and easy to use. One problem is sometime it takes a while to load my packback while using web browser. Please fix this problem.

Learning social

Me and my class do edmodo. Its a great way to talk and to do assignments. I love this app!!!

Dont get it for ANYTHING

Dont get this for ANYTHING it will ask for password and then it will invalid you and plus even you are having a bad day


Its a really great app. Perfect for school or other activities. The only complaint I have is when I try to change my avatar, it zooms into the top left of picture. Other than that, its perfect. I highly recommend it


It is helpfull

Accept join requests?

It would be great if I could accept join requests from this app.


This app is really great. I am giving it 4 stars because I think you should be able to take a quiz on the app. Please add that edmodo! Otherwise its really great.


The app is a very good app. Keeps you well up to date and informed. Thanks

What is this crap

I hate edmodo and its stupid cuz school is stupid


Greatest app since the Internet, Lol! All kidding aside. This is the perfect app for people that are going to classes and those who are returning to educational studies. Keep up the good work.......


This app is crashing March 2016. Please fix.


The app is crashing. We needed for classes.

Ur app crashes

Every time I try to log in on the app it crashes on me. Im trying to use this app for school but I cant deal with this crap every please fix.


This is the worst side of this application. I tried to reach my materials in the library but sometimes, even though I know they are there, I cant find them.


Its an awesome app. I have the opportunity to find all of my assignments I was not able to finish or did not get in class. I also have the opportunity to discuss with my teachers and ask questions about the assignment.

Great, but...

I like this app, it helps me figure out homework & ask questions, but it used to be able to work perfectly for iOS 9 multitasking, with 2 apps. Now, it only shows the left side of the screen. WHY!! Plus, Im also not able to log in, because every time I try, it crashes and Im back to my home screen

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