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Unrestricted web access

So all in all the app is great unless your classmate or teacher shares a link. I clicked on a link on my web blocked iPod and I was brought to a YouTube web page not the app a web page. I could watch any video I wanted or look up anything I wanted. This is not cool. The app is rated 4+ and it has unrestricted web access????? Please fix somehow. I had deleted the app because of this.


This is a very convenient app to use outside of the classroom. I can track my homework scores at home immediately after I do it.


Every time I try logging in is crashes.i really need my note and I cant do that if this keeps happening help me

Attachments deleting

Apparently attachments can just delete themselves after a period of time. My teachers will post assignment weeks in advanced and up until recently they have stayed there. This "update" could cause students like me to fail their assignments. Thanks for deleting the format to my research paper.

A couple of things

I have not done much with this app, but on my iPad after I put in my log in, it closes out and doesnt log me in. Please help!

Its cool but....

Okay I REALLY like THIS APP the only thing I dont really like is that on my phone I cant check my grades, only my homework grades I would appreciate it if you would make it possible for me to do so


Just saying to any class that is looking for out of school communication this is a great app.. But you do have to want it not just have it.

Wasada du

poop app man, this thing chucks

Deleting... Aw! I have to use this garbage.

I tried to do SlideOver on my iPad and it doesnt show the whole app view. It only shows the left side. It always crashes and I cant even submit anything to my teacher. Please make this better because I have to use it in school. You should be glad I put the word please in here because honestly I cant wait for a glitchy update that makes this app not work.

Edmodo is great

If there were zero stars I wouldve chosen that one...

They had an update lately and its not much better than the previous update, the math playground wont open, profile pics are a bust, and when ever I go from one classroom to another the entire app CRASHES! Any PDFs I post are not working either. Id like to delete it but there is no way Im going to try it on my computer if the app is this buggy.

‼️‼️Edmodo ‼️‼️

The app is great but you can not export things into notability from Edmodo. It is pain to go thought the internet version on our iPads at school.

What the heck..

Why is mine constantly crashing? "An error occurred while retrieving classmates. Please try again later" EVERYTIME! So annoying same thing happens when trying to contact my teacher .


Great for me and my class because of the accessible app

Useful but some errors

Its good to use with the school but I cant see the comment about my score or about my works

Keeps crashing

Whenever I try to open the app, it says that its waiting to update. I already did the update but it still says "waiting" on the app before I can open it. Please fix this because I cant see my class assignments

Great app

At my school we use it all the time for assignments and at works almost always perfectly.

Its an awesome app!

It makes it more convenient to stay connected using Edmodo!

This app just made to piss us off

This app makes me have to do stuff 100 times harder then regular stuff


Lets me stay connected to school, bad thing about it is that its about school

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